Not only women, men can also eat contraception pill

Not only women, men can also eat contraception pill
To avoid unwanted pregnancy, women only eat contraception pills. But now it will also be available for contraceptive men. We are not saying this, but such research has been done in a research. Know, what does research say?

What does research-
According to the research, the pill presently available for women in the market will be available soon for men. Researchers have discovered a compound that can control the sperm movement.

What is this compound?
This is the compound called EP 055 which relaxes the sperm movement and does not even affect the hormone. This compound can reduce the efficiency of fertilization. The use of this compound can also be used to make the pill of detention even for men, which could prove to be effective for population control.

This contraception for men
Condoms and sterilization remedies are currently available for men. This research, published in Journal PLOS One, has claimed that a male-tablet can be made from this compound which will prove to be effective in controlling birth rate and it will not have any side effects.

The research was done on what
As a test, it was used on male monkeys, in which no side effects were found.

What is the Expert
Mary Jellinsky of Oregon National Primate Research Center, located at Oregon Health and Science University of America, says that after 18 days of use, all langurs were found to be completely improved symptoms.

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