Young people are being victim of kidney failure in Six Pack Abs

Young people are being victim of kidney failure in Six Pack Abs

New Delhi: The competition for bodybuilding in the youth is increasing, and in this competition, today’s youths do special exercises to get ‘Six Pack Abs’ at the gym or at home and take hypotaurine dyes. Many times the gym instructor recommends taking injections of hyper tune diets, steroids, and hormones to stimulate muscle in some parts of the body, but due to their mixed side effects, many young kidneys are becoming victims of failures.

What is called patient-
Analyzes and tests of information received from patients have shown that the reason for their kidney failure is the use of injection of special exercises, steroids and hormones to be done in the gym to make six packs.

What Doctor Say-
Nephrologist Dr. Jitendra Kumar said that the number of such youth is very high, which is specially designed for hours by going to the gym to get the body of Bollywood actors like Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Use injections of steroids and hormones and worsen their kidneys.

Misconceptions in the minds of the youth about exercise –
He said that in today’s youth there have been many tahr misconceptions about exercises. They do not exercise their body to keep them healthy and fit but exercise their body to get a six-packed look like a Bollywood or Hollywood hero. Jim’s Trainer also designs a special type of exercise to bring changes in the body of these young people, like the sculptor of the body. Special diet plan tells. Many young people start taking injections of steroids and hormones, and a mixed side effect of all this is that their kidneys are damaged.

Do Natural Exercises-
Exercise and yoga are good for health, but it should not be distorted. Apart from this, people should do physical work, walk as fast as possible. In today’s times, people go to buy carbohydrates, but later they are seen sweating on the treadmill.

Dr. Jitendra said that every person’s body texture is different. It is better that in order to keep our body healthy instead of making the body of someone else’s body, we should adopt appropriate measures like proper exercise, yoga, walking and proper diet.

Note: These experts are on the claim. Industry Daily Insights (IDI) does not revive it again. Before you start any suggestion or start treatment, take the advice of your expert.

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