Just wow! – The Berlin platform “Beach Inspectors”

Just wow! - The Berlin platform "Beach Inspectors"

The Berlin platform “Beach Inspectors” has tested 1600 beaches worldwide and awarded the best of them. Whether party or relaxation – vacationers can choose their dream beach according to their preferences.

Whether rocky, snow-white, miles long or hidden in a small bay – a beautiful beach is obligatory for many tourists in the choice of destination. But there are beautiful beaches … well? Like sand by the sea, of course. How can you find the right one for the perfect mix of recreation, party and nice locals?

The best way to let professionals do it for you: The website “Beach Inspector” has professionalized the search for the most beautiful beaches in the world. She calls herself “Strandinformationsplattform” and actually the Berlin start-up is doing so according to scientific standards: Trained “beach testers” evaluate the beaches according to up to 120 criteria, take photos, videos and conduct interviews. Now the platform has awarded several awards for the best beaches.

Beach Inspectors

Beach Inspectors

According to CEO Kai Schäfer, the “beach inspectors” carry out the most objective evaluation possible, as other providers analyze the likes of users. “Criteria such as water quality, beach development, infrastructure or child-friendliness are recorded in a database after the visit to the beach and then the entire material is evaluated,” says Schäfer, who founded the start-up 2015 with two others. “Of course, we also record when a beach performs poorly.”

In total, around 1600 Beaches with the respective evaluations can be found in the database of the beach search engine. Those with a top score were awarded awards in various categories. There is the party award for lively beaches with people celebrating barefoot or the Watersport Award for the beaches with the best conditions for wind and wave surfers.

Beach Inspectors

Beach Inspectors

The Classic Holiday Award is given to the beaches that leave nothing to be desired: beach chairs, clear water, cocktails – the perfect beach experience. With the Special Ambience Award, the platform rated smaller insider tips: Beaches with a special ambiance and “Picture Book Beach Lifestyle”.

And there’s the Wow Award. “These are the beaches that you will never forget again when you are there,” says Schäfer. “When you just think: Wow!” Around 20 beaches have been awarded the Wow Award by beach inspectors, including the stretched, snow-white Diani Beach in Kenya, the secluded Playa de Cofete in Fuerteventura and the unknown Nui Beach on Koh Phi Phi.

Actually, the Beach Inspectors wanted to have checked around 14,500 beaches within the first two years. But they are still far from this goal. “We first concentrated on the beaches that are mainly sought after by German and European tourists,” says Schäfer. “These are our main users.” So: beaches in Mallorca, the Spanish mainland or Crete in summer and the Asian islands, Dubai and the Dominican Republic in winter. Also, German beaches were tested.

The “Beach Inspectors” describe themselves as objective. However, the website is financed by advertising revenue and the marketing and brokerage of travel agencies or hotels, which are automatically displayed to users when viewing the beautiful beaches – of course, the distance to the beach. Some destinations also participate in the financing of the travel of the beach testers.

Individual beach preferences very different

The beach testers write each destination an individual rating, including the surrounding places, parking facilities and the accessibility of the beach. “Often the most beautiful beaches are in remote bays and therefore not so crowded because it also means an effort to get there,” says Schäfer. “Many want it more comfortable and then prefer to take the beach directly behind the hotel.” The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

The individual beach preferences are very different anyway. Therefore, the search engine did not choose the one most beautiful beach in the world – “that would be too much in the center”. Some prefer the postcard-palm beach as found in the Dominican Republic, while others favor buzzing beach bars and party nights like Haad Rin on Koh Phangan in Thailand.

Beach Inspectors

Beach Inspectors

In short, there is the perfect beach for everyone, you just have to find it. The search engine of the “Beach Inspectors” can be a decision-making aid. However, it is not yet possible to search beyond national borders for beaches with certain criteria – so you must first set to a destination. In addition, so far only 52-holiday destinations have been investigated and the filling of the database with new beaches is progressing rather slowly.

“The condition of the beaches must also be checked every two to four years so that we are always up-to-date”, says Schäfer. And so a beach appraisal was very expensive and expensive. Interview partners would have to be found, videos made and everything entered into the database.

Nevertheless, Schäfer does not lack employees: around 10,000 people applied to him for around 80 jobs as beach testers. Currently, there is no job offers advertised on the website.

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