Trump wants the wall construction at any cost – and threatened with government downtime

Trump wants the wall construction at any cost - and threatened with government downtime
US President Trump wants to push the construction of a wall to Mexico. If the Democrats oppose him, he threatens with harsh measures.

Washington: President Donald Trump goes on a confrontation with the Democratic Party in the dispute over immigration policy. He was prepared to allow the government to come to a standstill if the opposition did not vote for border security and a wall to Mexico, Trump said on Twitter.

He also demanded that immigration visas for citizens of certain states no longer be awarded at random. “Great people are to come to our land.”

A government shutdown called “shut down” means that the government’s government is largely putting a stop to its work. This usually only happens when the parties can not agree on a new budget.

This last happened in February. Republicans and Democrats argued over Donald Trump’s draft budget, which included earning more money for the US military. Public institutions were shut down due to lack of funds. In the end, the majority of the Senate and the House of Representatives approved the bill.

Trump is with the Democrats since taking office, especially in the immigration policy of the cross. Building a wall on the border with Mexico is one of Trump’s big election promises. However, it has hitched up to the implementation so far.

A first piece is to be built on the Rio Grande near the village of Roma. There, the number of illegal border crossings is particularly high.

Indignation even with the Republicans was the policy to separate families in illegal immigration across the Mexican border. In fact, Republicans in Congress have enough votes to pass an immigration reform. Because moderate and conservative MPs are divided, so far there was no agreement.

A compromise could be to grant citizenship to young migrants who have come to the US as minors. In addition, it could be induced to no longer be able to separate children from their parents without further ado. Trump had initially rejected this proposal, but then back again.

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