This company can surpass Apple only, it can buy 50 thousand times more shares

This company can surpass Apple only, it can buy 50 thousand times more shares

Apple has become the world’s first such company on Thursday, whose market cap has crossed one lakh crores. However, after this achievement, there is only one company in the world which can outstrip it, but this one has to wait for a year now.
50 thousand times higher share

Apple started in 1976. Its foundation was laid by Steve Jobs in a small garage with two of his companions. Apple’s share has increased 50 thousand times since the year 1980. A total of 4 thousand employees were working for the company in 2005.

Now its iPhone is the third best-selling smartphone in the world. The company had a market cap of $ 1 billion in 1980, which became $ 3 billion in 1996. At the time of the death of Steve Jobs in October 2011, the company’s market capitalization crossed 350 billion dollars, which has now crossed the $ 1 trillion led by Tim Cook.

In 2019 Saudi Arabia’s oil company Armaco is considering bringing its IPO. If Armaco brings its IPO and it is listed in the American stock market, then its market cap will move far ahead of Apple.

89 countries of the world can buy

As much as Apple has today’s market cap, it can buy 89 countries of the world. Tim Cook is the head of the company since his death in 2011. The stock market value of the company is more than the joint capital of Exxon Mobil, Procter & Gamble, and AT & T.

Amazon is the second number with a market cap of $ 869 billion. Apple’s market value of one million dollars is about 38 percent of India’s economy. A World Bank report states that India is the sixth largest economy in the world and its total economy is 2.6 trillion dollars.

9x big company from TCS

India’s big company is TCS. Recently, TCS and Reliance Industries have become billion dollar companies. Apple is a 9x larger company than TCS. Now its total value is $ 50 billion more than the total market cap of the top 30 companies listed in the Sensex.

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