US Secretary of State praises Asian states for sanctions against North Korea

US Secretary of State praises Asian states for sanctions against North Korea

Even after the meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, the US wants to remain tough and pay tribute to the role of the Asian states.

Singapore: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has praised members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for maintaining sanctions against North Korea. In his opening address to a ministerial-level meeting in Singapore, Pompeo also acknowledged that the Asian countries supported the rule of law in the South China Sea.

China raises sovereign rights to large parts of the water, which is receiving great criticism from neighboring states and the US. The Southeast Asian community of states Asian, with its ten member states, is one of the largest economic areas in the world.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un confirmed his willingness to “complete denuclearization” of his country at his summit with US President Donald Trump in June. In return, economic and diplomatic sanctions against North Korea will be lifted. But there were no concrete commitments on how and when should be disarmed.

Only on Monday had it become known that US intelligence agencies had indications that North Korea might build one or two new intercontinental ballistic missiles at a research facility near Pyongyang that could potentially reach mainland China. North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho is also in Singapore. However, it was initially unclear whether Pompeo would speak to him on the sidelines of the Asian meeting.

Singapore is the second stop after Malaysia for a five-day Southeast Asia trip for Pompeo. From there he will travel to Indonesia. On the sidelines of the Asian meeting, the US minister had previously talked to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevl├╝t Cavusoglu about the conflict between Ankara and Washington over US pastor Andrew Brunson, who was being held in Turkey.

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