Meet YouTube’s smallest millionaire superstar

Meet YouTube's smallest millionaire superstar

There is no such child in the world who is not fond of playing with toys. Every child loves toys. There are also many children who do not even share their toys with others. But a 6-year-old child has become play-and-play millionaires with toys. Not only this, a company like Wal-Mart has also become its subject.

This year’s name, Ryan, earned more than $ 10 million by uploading a video to YouTube only last year. There are six channels of Ryan on YouTube, with over 1.5 million people watched on the uploaded videos. Last year, this child was the eighth highest earning man on YouTube.

Ryan reviews toys on YouTube since the age of three. She reviews and looks after each toy and looks at it. The smallest detail about toys is that people think of buying a toy for their children.

His review is so good that people even blindly believe in it. His parents have kept the place and surname hidden by looking at the younger age so that they stay away from the media and public eye. Now Ryan has made toys from his own brand name, which will be initially sold in the entire US.

Wal-Mart’s name in the name of Rayon World will be sold to more than 2500 stores and websites in the US. In October, this brand of toys will be available at every store in America.

Ryan’s parents started recording and posting videos on YouTube in March 2015. In the first video, he was told to review the toy named Lego Box.

In addition to toys under the Ryan brand, clothes for children above three years will also be available in four different designs. One of these designs will be in the shape of a pizza because it is very much like it.

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