Rodney Atkins says his teenage son was hit by intoxicated driver And Love – How They Are The Same

Rodney Atkins says his teenage son was hit by intoxicated driver And Love - How They Are The Same

Rodney Atkins has uncovered that his 16-year-old son, Elijah, was associated with an inebriated driving mishap not long ago.

Eli returned to secondary school right off the bat in the week, and as Atkins told Taste of Nation before his set at WE Fest on Friday, “He was in a mischance. A method-out alcoholic driver hit him.”

Atkins didn’t give further insights about the mishap, however, gratefully, his child maintained no wounds.

“He’s fine,” the vocalist guaranteed the outlet. “Not a scratch on him, but rather it totaled his truck.”

Atkins kept in touch with one of his greatest hits, “Watching You,” for Eli when he was as yet a tyke, and he says the message of the melody completed the cycle in the wake of his child’s near disaster.

“I conversed with him, and I stated, ‘It’s alright, you left this. It’s a chance to glance around, and something great is going to leave it.’ And he stated, ‘Gracious, I know, Father. I know from watching you; I’ve discovered that when the most noticeably bad things occur in your life to keep your head up, on the grounds that that is the point at which a portion of the best things is going to happen.”

Another of Atkins’ melodies, “In case You’re Experiencing Hellfire,” has especially affected numerous fans throughout the years, and he likewise described getting an email from an audience weeks after the tune was discharged in 2006, preceding it had even turned into a hit. Dejected on the grounds that he had lost his activity and his significant other had abandoned him, the man “was sitting in his truck in the parking area of his congregation, and he had a gun between his teeth,” Atkins reviews. Simply then, the fan expressed, “In case You’re Experiencing Damnation” went ahead of the radio, and in the wake of hearing its confident message, he jettisoned the gun in a lake and returned home.

“Your melody influenced me to acknowledge it was a perpetual answer for brief issues,” the man told Atkins.

The vocalist says stories like that are a piece of why he’s watchful about the expressive substance of his melodies.

“I certainly attempt to record melodies that are going to have an effect decidedly, ideally,” he reflects.

Atkins recorded his present single, “Made up for lost time in the Nation,” with the Fisk Celebration Vocalists, and it’s a melody that he identifies with by and by.

“I cherish what it says in regards to being outside,” he told Taste of Nation Evenings in May. “I feel a connectedness … it influences me to feel grounded and quiet. There’s solace in being outside profoundly. It’s only an exceptional melody, and I heard it in a way that it needed to be heard as an anthem.”

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