An app that wins Imran Khan, Pakistan’s election

An app that wins Imran Khan, Pakistan's election

ISLAMABAD: The victory of Pakistan’s next PM Imran Khan was not unexpected because it was going on in most Opinion polls. But there is a great deal of information related to their victory and the reason behind this victory is being told to an app. Imran’s party, which has achieved all the achievements in the world of cricket, got data from 50 lakh voters through this app. Even though the opposition was accusing this, Khan had received strong support from the country’s army, but this data made his camping extremely successful.

Disadvantages of the rest of the parties
The biggest thing was that this app worked to bring people to the polling booths. This happened when the government helpline made for this work stopped working on the day of the election. The biggest damage to those parties happened to those who were not ready for such a situation, while this app of Imran’s party brought their voters to the booth and decided to win.

Its effect was tremendous
Amir Mughal, who handles the use of this app’s database for Asad Umar, said, “Its effect was tremendous.” This one is known as CMS (Confidential Management System). Let us tell you that because of this app’s data management, Omar won his seat from Islamabad.

The identity of party voters easily
On the lines of the use of the database of the area of Asad Umar, Imran’s party had put people in the rest of the area on this task. With this, data were collected from all over the country and it was identified that the people of Imran’s party PTI (Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf) are the people who are voters. They were tagged in the app and it was ensured that they were firm on the day of voting.

LE learning from the defeat of the last election
The foundation of this app was laid after Imran was defeated in the last election. Actually, it was said that the PTI was unable to convert Imran Khan’s popular support to votes. After this, a small team was given the responsibility of making CMS and it made important contributions to the story of Imran’s victory.

The effect of the app on 150 seats
A few weeks before the election, Imran sent a video message to his party candidates via WhatsApp. In this, he appealed to adopt CMS from all. Through this, PTI watched the 150 seats that he was convinced of winning.

Help from data from Election Commission
The party used the data of the Election Commission to prepare this database which is in the public domain. By inserting the number of voter card of the voters, a candidate could take information such as his home address, who is in his family and where he should go to vote. This has done charisma for them.

Heavy pens on pen paper
With the help of this app, the PTI worker was printing the slip which needs the voters to go inside the voting center. The same thing was done by Nawaz Sharif’s party PML (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz) workers from their voters with pen and paper.

In Pakistan, the level of unconsciousness is 40%. In such a situation, you can guess that what the Nawaz supporters in Pakistan, the country with 12.9 million voters, must have got to face in this form before voting for the voters. If they were not carrying out the form, then they could increase the number of seats in the party by taking the necessary steps.

Game changer proved app
Another person who used this app at the party said that CMS changed the game. With this support, the party got miraculous help in changing the support given to the party on social media in the votes.

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