Now the government will block these circumstances Facebook-WhatsApp

Now the government will block these circumstances Facebook-WhatsApp

New Delhi: Telecom Department has sought the opinion of the industry about technical measures to be taken to stop mobile applications like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram under special circumstances. The Department has asked for the blocking of these applications in the event of a threat to national security or peace arrangements.

Telecom Department wrote letters to all telecom operators, Indian Internet Service Provider Association (ISPAI), Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) and others on July 18, 2018, as per their opinion regarding the restriction of these applications under section 69A of IT Act. Want to know.

An official source said, “The Department of Telecommunications has asked about electronics and IT departments and law enforcement agencies to block Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. if needed, under Section 69A of the IT Act.”

Section 69A of the IT Act relates to the right to instruct any computer source to prevent any information from reaching the public. This law empowers any official authorized by the Central Government or the State Government to ban the information on the Internet in case of sovereignty, protection, security, friendly relations from other countries or the possibility of breach of peace arrangements.

Government disturbed by the events of Mob Lynching

In recent times, many incidents of peat-killing were reported by the crowd in India. Most of the incidents are due to rumors on social media. The popular messaging app WhatsApp is facing criticism for misuse of its platform. Because of the fake news circulating from Whatsapp, there have been incidents of beating someone by the crowd.

An official of the Ministry of Information Technology said on condition of anonymity that WhatsApp has not made any commitment to ‘detect’ messages and provide information about its source, while this is the main demand of the government from the company.

The source said that in such a situation the concern of the ministry has not been overcome and the possibility of misuse of it remains intact. Last month, the government had expressed dissatisfaction with the measures suggested by the WhatatsAP to stop fake news. The IT Ministry says that Whatsapp cannot run responsibly about the misuse of its platform.

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