16 lakh deaths annually from pollution in China

16 lakh deaths annually from pollution in China

According to a report, 1.6 million people die in China every year due to air pollution, which is 17 percent of the total deaths in China.

Due to coal mining and steel production in Hubei engaged in the city of Beijing and the city, the mist becomes so deep that the sky appears gray and there is no difference between day and evening.

From one corner of China to another, covering the clouds of the cloud, it becomes difficult to breathe.

On the streets, people will see you wearing a mask on the face. The common people also know what happens to PM 2.5 or 10.

PM 2.5 is the partial particle which is so small that reaches the lungs.

Ozone pollution problem

Another problem besides this is ozone pollution.

According to ‘UnArthood’, a website linked to Greenpeace, 70,000 people died in China in the year 2016 due to ozone pollution on the ground.

According to UnArthand, where ozone ultraviolet protects life on Earth by preventing radiation, ozone growth on the ground increases many respiratory diseases. This is the reason of death before the time.

Ozone is formed due to the chemical reaction of sunlight between nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds.

Local people in China say that in the last few years the government has taken stringent measures to curb pollution. In the cities, you will find electric cars, taxi and bus racing.

People living in cities say that if the quantum of pollution increases, the government does not show any hesitation in closing the factories. Coal-based electric power factories have been closed.

purifiers in mostly house

purifiers in mostly house

purifiers in mostly house

A research from the Peking University School of Public Health in China’s Xinhua news agency said that between the year 2013 and 2017, the average temperature of PM 2.5, PM10, sulfur dioxide was 33.3 percent, 27.8 percent, and 33 percent respectively. There is a decrease of 54.1 percent.

In 2013 China started air pollution and control action plan.

Engineer Johannes Laoson had lived in the same haze for years. When a daughter was born in her house, she bought her first purifier.

They did not like these local purifiers made of plastic and they themselves decided to make air purifiers.

Laosan says, “Many times the level of pollution was so high that we could not get out of the house with our daughter for the whole week.”

16 lakh deaths annually from pollution in China

16 lakh deaths annually from pollution in China

Two rooms rented in Beijing are their workshops low offices, where they sell themselves purifiers from beginning to end. Nearly his younger daughter was trying to bring a shape to life by drawing lines on the plain page. A white-colored small machine kept on the table was registering the ups and downs of every second being in the level of the pollutant.

Johanson Laosan says, “We built a purifier that kept the house clean from 100 to 150 square meters, by managing the flow of air in the rooms, we can keep the room temperature constant. Our air purifiers have more sensors than any other Purifiers. There is a computer within it which is managing Purifiers. ”

The condition is that in Beijing’s houses, offices, schools, colleges, trains, you will find air purifiers everywhere.

Laosan explains, “I do not remember that I have gone to someone’s house and I have not got purifiers to clean the air. Some people filter by fan until the air is clean, instead of doing nothing, it is better than Take one or two steps. ”

Due to the increasing impact of these photographs and people’s health across the world, the government has taken stern steps to deal with pollution.

Try to reduce pollution

Try to reduce pollution

Try to reduce pollution

Laosan explains, “There has been a flood of electric cars, trucks, and buses in the last two years if the pollution is high, the factories are closed. Charger to charge electric cars, you will find residential societies, shopping malls The rules for burning coal in the cold are also applied strictly. ”

Burning coal in the cold winter is considered to be a major cause of pollution in China.

Due to the increasing influence of pollution on children, education consultant Christopher Dobbing established a mask company in China.

He says, “I saw that the children had started to paint the sky with gray rather than blue.”

Christopher explains, “When the level of air pollution is reached at the level of the alert, then the factories near the Bezing are banned from using public transport in addition to certain restrictions, on the red level alert, Schools and factories are closed during major summits, cars are not seen on the roads Rdusn is reduced. ”

But these electric-powered cars are only produced by burning fuel coal.

According to Indian journalist Saibal Dasgupta in Beijing, “You use electric cars to reduce pollution in cities but use 65 percent of coal for generating power and China’s coal produces a lot of smoke because they It is of lower quality, so China is trying to reduce the smoke by adding coal to Indonesia and Australia and adding coke in it. Vosrijh is also planted. ”

China has the world’s largest solar panel industry, the largest hydroelectricity dam, battery operated vehicles are operating here, Chinese companies are making battery operated vehicles, there are battery recharge stations in place, to clean coal Plants have been put, but to get rid of pollution, China has to reduce its dependence on coal and it will take a long time to fix this distance. .

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