Anushka did not break the protocol, the team was on the photo with Team India

Anushka did not break the protocol, the team was on the photo with Team India

On August 8, a photo was taken by the BCCI. All the players of Team India were showing in this. Just in the tiptop dress code. The picture was of a feast. The ban was given by the Indian High Commissioner in London. At your house The whole team reached. Now you can not have any ceremony without having to photograph it. So at the time of the feast, these photos were dragged out of the Indian High Commissioner’s house. Look at the first photo and take unpleasant juice –

BCCI Tweet

BCCI Tweet

How beautiful is the picture? How well all the players are standing. But some people have a fire in the chest. The reason was Anushka Sharma, seen in this photo. Virat Kohli’s Madam Their family members Say – What is this Mrs. Kohli doing in this picture? Then people in our country have a big disease. To become a lawyer So in this picture, too many lawyers have come out. Ajinkya Rahane’s look in the back corner in the picture raised the flag. People say – tell us the vice-captain of the team is standing in the rear corner. And Virat’s family is standing ahead. See and see –


Now in this tribe, some other types of lawyers have also joined. Some Peoples for the players and girlfriends of other players involved in the team. Speak- If Anushka is in the picture then why not the wives of the other players. It means that such a fire will not have taken place in these wives and players themselves as it is in the Champion of these social media. The flag lifted is annoying on the social media. Now this revolution is so because BCCI has issued an order that until the third test, any player’s wife and girlfriends will not be with him. It is also happening. But Anushka was seen in this picture by people who cut her nipples. See also the post of these lawyers –


I do not understand how many people are in our country. What does it mean is more important? A performance or a wife’s wife is with her. Now tell me Anushka is there along with Kohli and he runs 200 runs in the same match. At the same time, the wives of Dhawan, Murali, Karthik, and others are not there even if they are not able to do anything special. Now tell if Anushka will return to India and Kohli cannot make the run again. If they are out on zero every time, will these revolutionaries consider themselves guilty? No. All will be hidden in the bill. Therefore, those who are revolutionizing this matter should keep their mouth shut, that is better. Well, these problems have always been in our country. People are not in the acting of an actor, the person who is in the room remains interested in it. Whether the leaders did the work or not, Netaji had come to the Tonsure of our nephew or not, its concern remains. The issue here is stuck on a photo. Team India wins or loses the oil They have no interest in it.

Virat Kohli's people should see the performance, not who they are with

Virat Kohli’s people should see the performance, not who they are with

But the truth is not the truth, it is the truth that people have been convinced that Mrs. Kohli has reached there. The root of the problem is the word of the same word. People are watching Anushka in this box of Mrs. Kohli. He forgot that Anushka himself is a celebrity. Twenty-two is sitting on the pitch One hit from one. It means to say that the name of Virat is not inclined to join you. They have their own identity. But if people think so big, then why would they stand up to this question? And for those who have a lot of pain, let them know that Anushka was invited by the High Commissioner and his wife himself in this party. He was not there as Mrs. Kohli in the vacant position. Anushka Sharma went to Sharma Then there was no government program on their house at this feast. So this high commissioner will decide who comes or not. This work is not yours.

Rohit has also got a tweet

Rohit Sharma Team India’s Hitman Although the team is running out of the Test series. There is no shortage of time in such a situation. So they are active on twitter and so on. During this activation, he would have seen a tweet related to this controversy. These tweets –


Rohit has liked it. It reads that Rohit Sharma’s shortage was completed by Anushka Sharma. Then a question has been raised that until the third test, the Wives and Girlfriends were not Aloud. Are there different rules for every player? The news of Rohit’s picking it was that people took it too. But the issue is that Rohit knows why he chose this tweet. For the first line in which Rohit is said to be replaced by Anushka. Or on the latter question, which states why the rules differ? Well, Rohit is a member of the team, so it is not a problem to react to anything. But who is becoming a leader in the free, they want to leave their business and leave their business. There is no shortage of leaders in the country anyway. So leave the leader for them.

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