Malnutrition Symptoms and Malnutrition Diseases

Malnutrition Symptoms and Malnutrition Diseases

Types of Malnutrition

1 – Poverty and ignorance

2 – Unemployment and increasing population

3 – Lack of foodstuff and food adulteration

4 – Our Habitat

5 – Mental pains and anxiety

6 – Misconceptions

Symptoms, Causal And Disease Due To Malnutrition

Diseases caused by protein deficiency

The need for protein for the physical development of human beings is very important. The lack of protein in children is the most malnourished. It has two major diseases.

1 – Kwashiorkor – There is a disease caused by a deficiency of protein. Its main symptoms such as a decrease in appetite, body swelling, skin piling and dryness and irritable.

2 – Marasmus – This disease is caused by a lack of protein deficiency and both calories. In this, the body starts drying, the patient is thin, the face is weak and the eyes are brittle and the body becomes indoors.

Carbohydrate deficiency diseases –

1 – Carbohydrate is a major source of energy in a balanced diet, due to this its deficiency causes many serious diseases.

2 – Hypoglycemia- The lack of carbohydrate decreases blood glucose levels due to non-availability of glucose in the body. Due to the lack of glucose in the blood, symptoms of fatigue and lack of energy are seen.

Diseases due to lack of mineral salts

Minerals are substances that strengthen bone tissues and teeth and create healthy bodies. Due to the lack of important minerals, many diseases occur in the body. Which are the following?

Calcium and Vitamin D-are essential for maintaining bone density. Calcium deficiency shows symptoms like bones, muscular pain, convulsions. Because of which the complaints are repeatedly complicated, it is important to maintain the level of energy in the adult body that the level of magnesium is good because of its lack of potassium,
There is a shortage of sodium and calcium. The symptoms of jerks, tumors, and nausea are visible. Potassium helps the muscles work smoothly, lack of iron causes hemoglobin deficiency in the body, causing anemia disease, zinc is important for mental development and immune system.

Goitre Disease – iodine is a vital requirement of our body, although its very small amounts are sufficient. The thyroid gland is secreted with the help of iodine, which regulates metabolic actions. There are many disorders in the absence of iodine. Thereby causing mental and physical growth disorders. Due to this
The size of the thyroid gland increases. Which is called goiter or gland disease?

Vitamin deficiency diseases

Vitamins are not produced in the human body, so supply is done through food.

Night Blindness – This disease is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin A, due to which the patient is not visible at night.

Beri-beri – This disease occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin B which directly affects the nervous system, thereby decreasing the patient’s appetite, weakness in the body, and the symptoms of inactivation in the muscles.

Scurvy – This disease is caused by vitamin C deficiency. Due to this, the symptoms of dizziness on the skin, bleeding from the gums, etc. arise. Its deficiency reduces the ability to fight body diseases.

Rickets – In the absence of vitamin D, children get Rickets named Rickets and in adults, it is called Osteoporosis. Bone disabilities arise from this disease, from which beginnings of bowel arches, pigeon breast, and teeth in the teeth begin to decay.

Sterity – Deficiency of vitamin E leads to impotence in the body.

Hemorrhage -The disease is caused by vitamin K deficiency. Therefore, the flow of blood does not stop when the injury occurs and all the blood flows through the body and the loss of blood leads to the death of a human.

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