Can the children really benefit from video games ?

Can the children really benefit from video games

According to a research, video game benefits children’s skill development. Come on, know what this research says.

New Delhi: According to the eye research so far, video games and TVs are harmful for children’s health and eyes. But now that the research has come a long way back, according to which video games benefit children’s skill development. Come on, know what this research says.

What does this research say?
Scientists say that playing leagos games as well as playing some video games helps children to increase their skills in science and engineering.

Researchers say that although these special skills make a difference according to the gender. Especially the Legos Games such as puzzles games and building blocking games. However, the lesser the children who play such games less, the less is their skill.

What Say Expert
Anne Gold of Co-Operative Institute for Research in Environmental Science (CIRES) of the US said that if we give toys specializing in special skills before the children’s school begins, then we will give them science, technology, engineering and mathematics Can help them in developing skills in

Gold also said that all these students had completed their schooling. Even if we were told in the school of special skills, we could not even see so much difference. There are some things in childhood or outside the school that give children better special skills.

How did the research
Researchers from Colorado Boulder and Carleton College of Minnesota took written tests from undergraduates of 345 Universities.

Researchers gave scores keeping in mind the many things. There was a lot of difference in the special skills of children. That is, childhood sports made a very big difference.

In the special knowledge test, students scored between 6 to 75 percent. The special skills score was very much among the students who were involved with making toys like toys and some video games.

Overall, the boys had performed better than the girls in the examination, but both boys and girls who used to make toys like playing video games played almost exactly like one.

These are on research claims. Industry Daily Insights does not confirm this. Before you start any suggestion or start treatment, take the advice of your expert.

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