Review of Google Home Mini

Review of Google Home Mini

The all-new Google Assistant Home Mini can perfectly tell you the weather report for any area. Google’s latest smart speaker is a small pebble of a thing. Google’s Mini is so small, so cheap, and so simply designed that you can use it easily.

You may place Google imagines one in every home to ensure that there is always a mic close by to let you know about the weather or set timers or control your smart home. Mini plays music but it doesn’t sound good. You can say it to be the replica of Amazon’s Echo Dot.

Mini is a complementary device. If you are a good speaker then you can control Spotify with your voice. You can also demand the internet to find a good movie to watch for you. By using Home Max you can extend the range of use of your Google Assistant. While you are alone, Mini is adorable and compromised.

At just $49, Mini can be the best holiday’s gift for anyone. If you check out the Mini’s design you will see that Google has successfully pulled off exactly the right design. It really looks like a futuristic metal donut. Indeed it’s much more attractive than Amazon’s Echo Dot. In only two minutes, it gets up and starts running. The recent updates from Google Home App have made the setup even easier.

The best part is, like any other home, Mini does all the Google Assistant things just as well as the original Home. You can hear it easily from across the room and its controls are very handy. You can tap on either side of Mini to turn the volume up or down and tap in the middle to pause or play. At the end, it is a solid accessory, but it is not the centerpiece of your smarter home.


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