Shortage of Construction Materials for Island due to Hurricane

Shortage of Construction Materials for Island due to Hurricane

The Atlantic hurricanes could trigger the shortage of construction materials in the US. Why? Several residents and business industries from the damaged regions are going to start rebuilding their properties. The complicating and prolonging recovery will trigger the shortage of construction materials.

A local company is working to help the victims of Hurricane Maria on the island of St. Croix. The company is helping the people to rebuild their homes and properties. It has found plenty of help from many businesses which are looking to provide help for those who need it. The Pennram Diversified Manufacturing Corporation is working with many local businesses to secure tools, hardware, generators and building supplies. Thus it will help over 100 people to make temporary and permanent repairs to their homes and properties which got damaged after the Hurricane Maria.

The St. Croix shipped all of their relief supplies up to St. Thomas and St. John after the Hurricane Irma. Everybody knows that St. Croix would take a direct hit in Hurricane Maria. Still St. Croix was left with no resources.

Hooker and his company have worked more than 80 hours over a week to prepare materials to ship to the homeowners on the island. After the hurricane, there is not a single leaf left on the island. Several properties are just decimated on the island. By supplying rebuilding materials the people from the island can get their lives back in order.

Thompson’s sold generators at very low dealer cost because they really wanted to help the people on the island. The Building Center daily made trips back and forth and it really went the extra mile.

Pennram is looking for a way to ship more containers to help the locals to rebuild their houses. The electricity isn’t working on the island. So equipment like generators is in need. They are giving their maximum to help the people.


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