Walmart’s Latest Attempt to Make Life Easier by getting you Off Amazon

Walmart's Latest Attempt to Make Life Easier by getting you Off Amazon

According to the new reports, Walmart Stores Inc. is continuing to beef up it is e-commerce capabilities as announced on Monday, 9th October. It is going to begin offering service of mobile returns to the customers in its latest new e-commerce offering. It is fighting hard with Inc. to achieve more online shopping dollars.

Through the Walmart’s Mobile Express Returns is beginning from next month, but the customers can use the app to initiate a return from now on. The process will be completed by dropping the item off at any store’s Mobile Express Lane and scanning the app’s QR code.

The new mobile returns will be available at first for the purchases and the in-store purchases will be added in next year. Walmart is currently planning a similar returns process for the items it purchased from third-party sellers.

In the beginning, for some items like shampoo and cosmetics, the customers can be refunded on the app without even returning the item to the stores at all.

Daniel Eckert, the senior vice president of Walmart Services & Digital Acceleration, gave the example of the recent purchase of floor cleaner at Under the new return policy, customers will immediately receive a refund without bothering the process of a defective return.

All markets are now watching Walmart. The ‘technology to help’ is going to prevent people from exploiting that returns policy. They are offering that keep-it capability to their customers only who aren’t abusive. The company has recognized that time has increasingly become the new currency in the retail market as much important as saving money. So, busy families are a key market for the company. Still, it’s true that some Walmart shoppers are also shopping at the Amazon.


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